•  Client from Monaco 🇲🇨  (27.10.2022)

I had a really good experience with Ring Baltic, staff was available to speak to me and arrange everything.

I was searching information about Ring Mekanikk (name marked on the system of my Soft Pad Chair).

I sent you an email to find spare parts to repair the chair, and the day after you called me, and proposed to that you can fix it for free.

  •  Client from Netherlands 🇳🇱  (22.12.2022)

 The tilt mechanism arrived friday afternoon in good condition and I fitted it to the chair. It is great to be able to use my favorite chair again.

Thank you very much for the service you have given me.

  •  Client from Canada 🇨🇦 (19.12.2023)

 It was a big honor to receive a message all the way from Canada saying that some one has come across this iconic Victorian Chesterfield-style Captains Chair from March of 1986 with our mechanism from Ring Mekanikk times.

 It was a great pleasure to provide valuable and historic information about this chair and where it originated from. It was a very fulfilling conversation with Jen and we are glad we made her Christmas extra special.